FaceToFace is considered the most useful method of fundraising for nonprofits, fundraisers are the key components for its success.
There exists a long list of reason of why f2f is considered one, if not the most useful method of fundraising for nonprofits, these reasons can vary from country to country, or from organization to organization, there is however one main motive that is found everywhere, and that is that fundraisers are the key components for its success. Fundraisers can base their success in three core aspect, the emotion, the pitch, and the technology, each one of these areas are impossible to segregate one from the other, since they are codependent of their effectiveness to render an approach to a future donator a success (that being an actual donation).


One of the key points about Face to face is how you give your pitch, this is where the emotional spectrum of f2f comes to play, it depends heavily on emotionally sensitizing possible donors through facts about society nowadays, impressing the importance of taking action (depending on the organization), they also facilitate the creation of a social base with similar or same principles as the ORG. The best potential donors is found in young adults or teenagers since they are the most likely to be affected (short term or long term), and are the appropriate age to introduce them to real world problems and what could be done to solve them. Fundraisers that have strong beliefs in a cause, have higher odds in convincing possible donors of the same ideal, no matter if they seem someone that normally wouldn’t donate for a cause (future donors are everywhere you just have to find them).
Most people depend on body language for conversations, mixing that with a strong faith, and an appropriate tone of voice, will make donors capable of understanding that these spokespersons are trying their best to make the world a better place in their own way, be it a tree at a time, or a beach at a time; the matter is they are doing their best to achieve their objectives and they need help (donations) … are you willing?

The Pitch

What is the culminating idea that the organizations strifes for… is it to help children, the environment, or maybe something else… one has to consider which is the best pitch to give that exemplifies the true values of an organization.

The best pitch are the ones that not only include fact but also possibilities.

  • What will become true if you do not donate?
  • What will happen if you do donate?
  • Statistical proof that donating to an organization gives positive results
  • A comparison of problems and solutions…
  • … and why your org and not another?

These are all questions that should be answered during the pitch.


The third and last keypoint is the technology used to ease the work of fundraisers at the time of collecting a donations. What technology should do for your fundraisers? We can identify some features that should always be evaluated when choosing a new Face to Face software: – the capacity to show a pitch with images and videos, thus facilitating the explanation of a pitch for a fundraiser since they would be able to show great presentations; – real time data verification, allowing the fundraiser to collect data and verify if there is any problem with the donation realtime (credit card data, SSN, etc); – speed up the transmission of donor information “from the road” to the donor database, improving interaction with the donor from the moment of the acquisitions – automate the repetitive work such as notifications to the donor (welcome, confirmation of donation …) on the preferred contact channel (email, sms, whatsapp …). These above and many others are the features that Metaface makes available to street fundraising teams of both non profit organization and fundraising agency.
Only once all three aspects of f2f fundraising are optimized to their ultmost capacity, is it possible to obtain the best possible result when it comes to donations; when the right person, gives the right pitch with the best f2f technology, the results received will be on par with the belief they have (the donors).

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