Within the profile of the dialoguer you can assign a different code / serial number to each agency client ONG.

Very often, Face2Face agencies have to communicate the acquisition data to many different ONG, through an export file (csv, xls, …) with a customized format requested by the ONG itself, where their dialoguers have to be registered with a specific assigned code.

After the work of renewing the Metaface users database area, we have also added the possibility of customizing the codes associated with the dialoguers,directly from the user profile, without having to manually re-modify the platform’s exports.


The section within the profile is called specific codes, its operation is very simple. For each Face2Face acquisition project active on the platform, a text field to be filled in is made available.

In cases where the field is left blank, Metaface will enter the platform’s user name in export, when the dialoguer ID is requested.

If one of the fields is filled in, in the export relative to that specific project, the dialoguer ID value will be replaced with the one inserted in this section.

This feature, which was created to simplify the work of Face2Face agencies, which work in acquisition for different customers, allows you to associate each dialoguer more than one user code, without having to touch the login platform that, remaining unique, simplifies the daily management of the entire team.

Connect Metaface with your customers!

Metaface allows you to connect your data directly with those of your client’s organization! If you both use Metaface, data transfer can be automated in real-time, without having to export or manually connect data. Stay focused on the acquisition, we’ll do the rest!