The new digital donor acquisition widget allows you to be online in 5 minutes and integrates with any website.

Our online fundraising widget was created from the ground up to provide an intuitive and easy-to-use donation module, so donors spend less time understanding and more time donating. Each widget created with Metaface can be added to your website as a standalone page, embedded via our code generator, inserted into one of the side bars of your blog or website, in the footer or even used as a donation link by Facebook.

Every aspect of the widget can be customized. From the design to match the colors and styles of your website to the order of the required fields. Or you can decide which form of donation to accept (IBAN, Credit Card, Stripe, Paypal, … ) in an easy and fast way.

It is also possible to customize the requested information. You can define – for each frequency of donation – which are the donations you want to get. Every field in the Metaface master data is available in the widget … but we recommend that you keep the collection form online as simple as possible, so as to have the highest possible conversion!

Simple Donation

Keep donors on your website. No bouncing on a third-party site or platform. The widget works directly on your website, on any platform (e.g. WordPress).

No initial costs

The donation widget is included in the Metaface cost. You have no additional cost, your cause is in good hands and you can continue to focus on the things that matter.

Fast & Easy

The configuration of the online donation widget is intuitive and fast. You can customize every aspect. And you’ll be online with the first collection form in less than five minutes.

Optimized for digital donors!

  • Customized amounts and frequencies.
  • Protected by SSL / TLS. Complies with PSD2 and PCI standards.
  • Does not store any cards or bank details.
  • Detects fraud against invalid card data.
  • Complete control of recurring donations.
  • Notification of donation by email or SMS.
  • Optimized for desktops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Compatible with all CMS (WordPress, Joomla, …)

Adding a donation form to your website has never been easier than with Metaface. You will have access to several card payment gateways (Banca Sella, Stripe, …), donations via IBAN, possibility of one-off or recurring donations, easy data connection via Zapier with your other marketing tools. What are you waiting for?

Connect Metaface with your customers!

Metaface allows you to connect your data directly with those of your client’s organization! If you both use Metaface, data transfer can be automated in real-time, without having to export or manually connect data. Stay focused on the acquisition, we’ll do the rest!