The most well known efficient and traditional one has been Face to Face, the main reason for its success is closely related to why people donate.
Fundraising has evolved throughout the years, starting out as an idea, the need to help others, and culminating with a bounteous way of viewing the world, they are people out there that are worse off than you why not help them? The evolution not only came from the concept of what truly fundraising is, but also of the methods used through the years to better achieve the desired results (more donations). Of all the methods used for fundraising such as direct mail, door to door, events, online donations, phone solicitations, email marketing, text to give, and others; the most well known efficient and traditional one has been Face to Face, the main reason for its success is closely related to why people donate. Individuals wish to invest in a cause, they do not what to give money and be done with, people desire to know why are they donating, what will change if they do indeed donate, what will keep happening if they don’t, they what to know that they are changing the world, that their effort is worth it, and that their beliefs are not solely empty words that they say to feel better about themselves. This is better put in perspective if the spokesperson is also a firm believer of the cause, making it easier to “connect with the donor”. (Donors aren’t motivated by the act of giving away money)

one-off vs regular giving program

In recent years however face to face fundraising has slightly changed, stats have demonstrated that new donors have decreased throughout the years, “individual giving percentages are down. Smart fundraisers know that one way to combat individual giving decline is by starting a monthly giving program.” (Source: To compensate on the loss of new possible donors, regular donors have increased the amount donated, each of their donations is higher than the single one-off donation, each person that converts to monthly giving gives two to three times more money, some of them even more.
The same way face2face donations have slightly changed, so have the collecting methods used; since one-off donations was no longer the objective of organizations, they needed a way to obtain the pertinent information of each donor to transform their first contribution into something regular; thus the introduction of new technologies that could facilitate this process.

Technology impact in Face to face fundraising

There exists however 3 key components that makes face to face fundraising software technology enticing to donors to a point that they may favor becoming regular donors over one-off: variables in the giving frequency, the security and the donors appropriate expectations. For the variables in the giving frequency one refers to the various opportunities that a donor may choose from at the moment of becoming a regular donor, be it a monthly, trimestral, or even yearly donor giving thus the opportunity of expanding in the personal desires of when to donate. At the same level it’s also important the various possibilities that an organization may give to future donors in the amount that they wish to donate (the least restrictive the opportunities are the more appealing donating is for the donor). One such example of a software that fulfills this first “requirement” is Metaface, since it presents to the organization the opportunity to personalize both the when and how of the donations, integrating a preselected minimum and maximum in accordance to the preferences stipulated by an organization.
Metaface also manages to fulfill the secondary “requirement” that is the security of the software, donors want to be sure that their information is being safely guarded; they fear that by giving donations they may later on suffer from identity theft or clonation of their card. Thus when explaining that metaface offer a secure way of providing a donation, with the integrated encryption of the data, data obfuscation, and the opportunity of anonymizing their information after a set time (selected by the organization); donors feel more secure and willing to donate.
And lastly, for the donors appropriate expectations, Metaface follow a set of actions created to explain regular donors what is happening to their donations, and why should they keep giving regular contributions. These actions are, the capacity of selecting the method of communication (phone, email, text, pdf, etc), the recurring payment date, the receipt delivery, and lastly the ability to cancel or even adjust the amount of the donation; these options are base on the concept of an “effective and transparent communication of what a donor can expect from their new favorite organization” ( – Supercharge Sustainer Retention With Face-to-Face Fundraising) Evolution is a key factor in our society, our methods, technologies and systems are ever changing for both the betterment of our community and to facilitate the process by which we rule ourselves, and it is through progress that we commit to this changes.

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