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Every year, someone predicts the demise of street face-to-face fundraising (F2F). Despite predictions that face-to-face fundraising is doomed, it continues to deliver thousands of new donors to charities…

Face to face is the action of approaching someone in person at the moment of petitioning for something as the “face” of an organization, be it money, an opinion, to try-out a product or just to see what is their image to the population.

For nonprofits however, when one refers to face to face, it usually refers to the opportunity that an ORG hat to not only petition for donations for a cause; but to have a more humane approach at the moment of explaining the reason of why that cause was created and for what.

The future of fundraising?

A few studies made in the USA, have concluded that 75% of donations comes usually from individuals (different from representative from organizations); the key importance of a singular donor is exposed in these statistics, however from when do most donations come from is not enough, one must know how to approach these individuals, and the most efficient way to reach them is through direct contact (face to face fundraising).

Although the importance of face2face fundraising remains the same, one must consider that Times are changing new generations of donors are rising, gen x and millennials are slowly substituting Boomers, and by the same rate, normal fundraising is being substituted by digital engagement; the new generations of possible donors are excessively dependent of technology.

To innovate fundraising and attract the attention of donors, organizations introduced in their fundraising process new practices that would incite the new generations to donates through the face to face, something different from the traditional paper forms, something innovative, that would facilitate the process of obtaining donors data, and that would foment the participation of new donors.

Thus, it became predominant the use of donation apps and softwares; these little helpers make it not only easier, but also more efficient data collection by following the four rules of technology: easy experiences, transparency, real-time communication, and tangible results/impact.

There exist several software platforms, that assist in the management of donations Face2Face, most of them created in recent years for the objective of simplifying the work for organizations, each of them possessing different and unique tools and services, as well as working areas. 

Metaface: our face to face fundraising software platform

Metaface for example, which is our platform that has been operating in the industry for over 5 years, offer a series of fundraising tools that ensure an optimized, secure, and simple donor acquisition process. Metaface can be also used from a tablet with an android app, since the software is complimented by an APP for fundraising face 2 face.

Metaface supports every type of campaign, from recurring to one-off or simply lead acquisition. It allows collaboration between non-profit organizations and direct dialogue agencies on the same acquisition projects.

Offer benefits such as: the facilitation of team management, credit card administration, personalized reports, live credit card transactions, live data verification, collects reliable and quality data, providing a quick welcome message/email/call to the donor, among others amenities.

Technology can help bridge the gap between the potential donor and the impact of their donation. It’s never going to replace the communication skills of a great F2F fundraiser, but it can support these by delivering engaging content in a format that donors are familiar with. This doesn’t just impact upon the donor either – it can also help keep fundraisers motivated by bringing them closer to the cause that they’re out there working for. Fundraising is evolving, new technologies are being introduced, but as the saying goes the more things change, the more they stay the same – by Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr; face to face will still be a key factor in the collection of donations. Numbers sustain this idea, since a study made in USA, concluded that it is considered normal, and even in some cases preferable for fundraising to be face to face.

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With Metaface we bring the experience gained in managing the acquisition of Face2Face in Italy supporting organizations such as Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, Greenpeace, Operation Smile, SOS Children’s Villages and many more.