A new feature has been introduced to block unwelcome IBAN’s in the acquisition of regular donors

The new feature of Blacklist IBAN is available on Metaface that allows you to filter in the acquisition values of IBANs that you do not want to accept for donations. The blacklist works on all the fields that make up IBAN and supports all the national formats that are managed by Metaface. Then, for Italian IBANs, you can insert filters by mixing these elements: Country, Check, CIN, ABI, CAB, Account number
The filters on the fields work in AND, therefore to block all ABI 07601 just enter that value, while if we want to block only ABI 07601 with CAB 05138 must be filled in both fields. The Blacklist filters are set at project level so – for example for an agency that works with many organizations – you can have your own filter that excludes the IBAN of the Post for the project that works with tablets for an organization X, and set for the organization Y, instead, a totally different filter. There are no limits to the number of filters that can be set in the IBAN Blacklist, and it is also possible to activate and deactivate filters without deleting them, making temporary experiments easier.