Metaface allows you to manage email notifications in a very granular way. It is possible to create custom change sets for each project active on the platform.

The management of automatic notifications has always been a much appreciated feature of Metaface. The possibility of being able to send notifications to each subject treated by the platform, be it a dialoguer, a donor or a supervisor, automating them completely according to the workflow decided, makes this feature welcome when you have many projects open at the same time, and prevents you from forgetting some action towards the donor.

Notifications can be of any kind, from simple appreciation for the donation, to the communication of the PDF with the delegation signed in PDF (in case of acquisition of donations with our tablet application), to the reminder for incomplete delegations to the dialoguer or the notification of any errors in connection to external systems (eg: database donors organization).

Template Notifications

As the number of notifications grew, – however -, we also noticed a greater complexity in their management. Many notifications were in fact replication of the same on several different projects, same settings, same design, same variables.

So we decided to insert in Metaface a tool that would allow you to manage once the same email template and reuse it in a click son any notification. From here it was born the section of email templates, which manages in a very simple and visual way all available email templates.

Email templates correctly support HTML and CSS code, just like the previous version of the email builder in Metaface. They support – of course – all the variables present in Metaface to automatically insert donor data, donation and other details directly into the communication.

The templates created will then always be available in the drop-down list for creating a new notification:

It is important to remember that the notifications on Metaface can be customized according to the following parameters:
  • the selection of the sending conditions on a specific state
  • the selection of the sending conditions on a specific outcome of the sheet
  • selecting the message template
  • the selection of recipients (donor, team leader, dialoguer or fixed manually entered)
The email sent will always be available in the relative donation tab in the right sidebar of the screen. From the box you can see the preview of the email sent and – if necessary – send the same email to the same recipients with a single click.