Security and control over your Face2face donor acquisition flow

Organizations need more control over donations data, in order to take decisions on campaigns based on real data. Metaface enables real-time data acquisition from the tablets, real-time credit card transactions, direct integrations with donors databases and much more.

Donations data on your system in real time

Your fundraisers can send data to Metaface donation by donation. Your backofficers (or your fundraisers at the end of the day) can import paper data-sheets using the web application. You can also import data massively from an external database that doesn’t use Metaface.

Direct credit card transaction

Cut down attrition on first donations enabling tablets to transact a donation on credit card in real time. No additional tool is needed, only your tablet with our application installed.

Customizable and evolved reporting

Metaface reporting shows acquisition campaigns performance for each fundraiser, team, location or geographic area. In addition to standard KPIs, that you can compare among different projects, it is also possible to use customized measures.

Do more than you think


Save time automating repetitive work. Set up welcome emails and SMS for your new donors, synchronize data with your donors database or call center for a welcome call. It’s easy and quick.


There are dozens of standard KPIs available for reporting. Goals you can customize in real time for any report and measure available on the system. Granular access authorizations for each user.

Multi Company

Manage your in-house teams and agencies with a single integrated tool. You can assign permissions in a simple and granular manner to teams and agencies so that they can view and manage only the data that concerns them (reports, locations…).

Data Quality

The best possible data quality for your campaigns thanks to a verification system that checks e-mails, credit cards (banlist, prepaid, expiry date), IBAN (banlist, validity), tax code and more.

Online / Offline

Designed to work in total absence of internet connection – keeping most control functions alive – the system synchronises information automatically as soon as it connects to a network.

Location Management

A complete location manager for Face2Face, with geographic position and customized codes. Choose what to share with a project or group so that fundraisers only see the location they work in.

Try it out! You’ll love it! (Guaranteed)

Try Metaface out for free! We’ll give you three months free trial and 100 data-sheets to enter. With no purchase obligation.