Metaface allows you to manage email notifications in a very granular way. It is now possible to re-send individual notifications directly from the donation tab.

The management of automatic notifications as always been a much appreciated feature of Metaface. The possibility of being able to send notifications to each subject treated by the platform, be it a dialoguer, a donor or a supervisor, automating them completely according to the workflow decided, makes this feature welcome when you have many projects open at the same time, and prevents you from forgetting some communication with the donor.

Re-Send Email Notifications

The email tool, however, is a tool subject to many variables that can affect its delivery and reading. Mailbox full of recipient, too strict rules of anti-spam filters, temporary unreachability of the mail server … and so on, including the fact that you can erase by mistake the incoming communication from the donor.

We have therefore decided to insert in Metaface a tool that would allow you to manually manage the re-sending of a specific communication in one click, on any notification.

In case of loss or non-receipt by the donor of a specific communication (welcome, donation data, etc…) it will be possible in a few clicks to send the same communication again.

The email sent will always be available in the corresponding donation tab in the right sidebar of the screen. The management of the sending will be possible thanks to the SEND EMAIL button from the new section of action buttons inserted in Metaface with the recent changes.