We have redesigned the Metaface user area to integrate a lot more information about your spokesperson!

The Metaface user area section was already designed to host a lot of data on the spokesperson and to be clear from the start how the user was set up within the software with permissions. However, the configuration was laborious and not all the features were explicit and easily found.

That’s why we decided to revise the entire section adding some features that we thought were useful and had been requested by some customers. The points we worked on were as follows:
-allow the personalization of the roles of the spokesperson
– make it easier to access each option of the registry on the page
– make the most important permits explicit (on/off)
– add dedicated dialog field mappings

Now the section is much more comfortable to use than before.

Roles management and search by staff role

We have included in the settings dedicated to system administrators a specific area where you can add / edit / remove the standard items dedicated to the roles to be assigned to your spokesperson. The change takes place in real time and you can customize the roles for each organization/agency surveyed on Metaface. Custom role mappings can therefore coexist within the same Metaface instance.

The section dedicated to dialoguers search – moreover – has been improved by inserting the possibility to filter the dialoguers list according to the assigned roles. This, in case of very large staff, or collaborations with many agencies, allows you to always have under your eyes the cleanest possible list of spokesperson.

Spokesperson activity history

Inside the personal area of the spokesperson you will also find a real historial of the changes to the profile he made within Metaface.

This function is particularly useful with highly mobile teams or when changing important team structures.

Within the changes, the movements of teams and changes in the role of the spokesperson are traced. To avoid clogging the history flow (e.g. by tracking changes made by mistake in real time) we only track changes that have been stable for more than 6 hours.

Redesign User Area

In addition to the micro-modifications listed above we have made a real redesign of the information on the user page. Now they are all visible from the main page with a series of main information for each and every area has a click of deepening/modification where they are inserted the information in detail.
The areas into which the information on the dialoguers has been divided are as follows:

In this section you will find all the information you need to contact the dialoguer: email, telephone, home address and home address if different.

Personal info

Here you will find the spokesperson’s data such as: birthday, place of birth, date of birth, tax code, education and marital status.


This section contains the data of the documents that have been entered (identity card, residence permit, passport, etc.)


The section summarizes the data of the existing contract of the spokesperson with the organization or agency contact.

All this bearing in mind that, on the left column will be immediate to add or remove a dialoguer from one of the groups to which it belongs while, next to the name, you can activate and deactivate the 3 main permissions with a click.