Tablet: engage the supporters with the power of media!

A powerful tool to recount your campaign, collect reliable and quality data, jump in the digitization process and automatically welcome donor.

The Face2Face tablet app for the acquisition of regular donors.

The perfect software to manage all your field teams, improve the dialogue with media images and video, introduce credit card checks in real time or the first transactions directly at the donation’s signature.

Metaface allows you the maximum control and the versatility necessary not to lose even a donor!


Manage the whole flow of dialogue with donors from the tablet app. Capture their attention with the multimedia slides, collect data quickly thanks to the custom form, digitally sign donations. All even offline!


Check each step of the donation directly on the tablet. No more ID code, IBAN or invalid credit cards; auto-completion of addresses and immediate notifications of credit card transaction errors.


Not just donors data collection. Metaface can manage credit card donation from your tablet, get immediate feedback on any transaction errors, or block in advance types of cards you do not want to deal with (example: prepaid)


Say goodbye to piles of paper to be sent to the office, and also goodbye to delays in entering data for reporting. Metaface immediately synchronizes data, with real time reports and the possibility of a direct connection to your donor database.

Try it out! You’ll love it! (Guaranteed)

Try Metaface out for free! We’ll give you three months free trial and 100 data-sheets to enter. With no purchase obligation.